Jessie J “Jubing it Up”

Jessie J shot this week for Grazia in a Special edition for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…

I think she pulls it off

Images by Grazia UK


Stun your Lover on your big Day with Lover!

Lover has delivered an amazing new range of bridal wear, edgy and beautiful….


What happens at my place on a Friday night ??




Wife….All in the name of research of course

Friday shopping dreaming….

Alrighty, so let the dream shopping begin, this Friday if I could buy any items they would be the following….

Gucci by Gucci

by Valentino

by Markus Lupfer

 by Etro

 by Marc Jacobs

Alexander Wang

 by Alexander McQueen

and if I didn’t have Shetland pony legs I would also go for these by Mr McQueen…Oh bugger it throw in the legs as well I am a millionaire after all!

Think that’s all for now I’m sure by afternoon I will have more to add to that….

Just while I have you, how fabulous did Jessie J look at Cannes..


Prospect 360

What an absolute privilege I encountered last night, I attended an event produced by the very pleasant Greta Donaldson of Greta Donaldson PR.

Prospect 360 allowed me the opportunity to gain insight into the worlds of some of the fashion industries most respected professionals that I admire, to suck their guts so to speak, in a very lady like manner of course!

The panel members were Marie-Claude Mallat – Publicist, Paula Joye – Journalist / Editor, Nadene Duncan – Stylist / Art Director, Anthea O’Connor – Stylist /Commentator and Romy Frydman – Blogger / Stylist. It was a fantastic evening of stories, tips, laughter with a strong message of hard work and determination.

If any of you get an opportunity to attend any of these events, and your interested in the fashion /media worlds these seminars are a must.

So thank you for the gold dust information ladies it was tops


Fashion suicide – Death by Croc

Viewer discretion is advised, This blog may contain imagery and language that may be offensive to some viewers – only read on if you have good taste…

So today I became re-obsessed via other mindless conversation, ( thank you miss sparkle you know who you are ) with my number one most offensive fashion item of all time – The Croc not the animal kind.

Exhibit A


WHY?????? I just don’t get it and I never will! In fact I feel passionately that they should be sought out and destroyed. I have a particular fascination with those that purchase these things. Who are they ? And what do they think when they buy them, “these will look great with my Zimmerman top”, What do they think when they put them on and look in the mirror ” wow, these finish off my outfit perfectly”


When I see people walking down the street wearing them I get an overwhelming burning sensation in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to get them in a headlock and hold them there until they can offer some reasonable explanation as to why they are wearing them. Would that be taking it too far ?

And don’t think that a fetching print will disguise the facts, they are still crocs


And to the parents, yep your responsible for this craze, who make their kids wear these, I have two words for you – Your Slack.

So I urge you to feel free to nominate a croc offender, maybe we can shame them into discarding these offensive things. That’s all, rant over.

The Age of Intimacy – Cheeky little numbers with Class

I have been following this labels collection for a while and am in love with their designs, designed by Jess Green she has given new life to the classic Siren look, the designs are individual but can easily be worm together.

These stunning designs and more can be found at the below stockists:

Big thanks to Jess for allowing me to use these images

Phew I found it…

Ok I found my coat – now how to obtain it guilt free


Fashionable Fingers

Keep your fingers in fashion and frost bite free this winter, here’s some inspiration…

The Bold and The Beautiful…

Adoring these bold prints for SS2012….

Alice & Olivia

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Christopher Kane

Diane Von Furstenberg


  Yves Saint-Laurent


Will you be bold enough ??