Day one MBFW 2012

Well I knew it was busy times when I couldn’t get a cab and ventured to purchase my bus pass, I enjoyed my short trip reading my mags and watching the world go by…

Registration was fast and pain free

I then had the pleasure of meeting two fabulous designers showcasing their designs in the suites of the Shangri La Hotel. The first Lisa Kelly of Lisa Kelly resort, Lisa greeted me herself wearing my favorite piece in her collection, a stunning multi colored feather embossed kaftan, she gave me some insight into her summer 2012 collection which she says she draws inspiration from a various places she has visited around the world.

Lisa grew up on the central coast of NSW and now resides in Sydney’s east, it’s clear to see that the beach lifestyle runs through her veins with a light ,airy and free influence present. Lisa’s collection is bright, textured and versatile. She has been designing for ten years and was a graduate of the prestigious East Sydney college.

All of Lisa’s prints are designed here in Australia, she has all garments made in Los Angeles in the US. Lisa’s label has recently launched into the US market after a successful showing in Las Vegas and is so far proving a huge success with many boutiques currently stocking her designs and a keen interest from large department stores her label looks to be growing from strength to strength.

Lisa has very cleverly catered to not only the bikini clad beach babe but also to the plus size woman that likes to adorn herself with beautiful  prints, colors and textures to flatter their frames. Whether your one or the other or somewhere in between you are guaranteed to feel fabulous.

The pieces in the collection are interchangeable but also have the option of matching swim wear with outer wear. All the hardware has been carefully researched and refined and will hold up to water exposure. Lisa has effectively used stones, metals and gems in her designs that compliment and finish the pieces perfectly. Her careful selection of color has made this collection a success. The garments are well made, materials are rich in color and texture, all in all it’s a beautiful collection.

And as if that’s not enough she is a friendly, approachable top chic! So check her out at

My second meeting was equally as pleasant with miss Carly Paiker of Carly Paiker designs.

Carly designs stunning jewellery, each piece is deliberate and carefully considered.

Her use of leather, precious metals and stones is elegant, timeless and pretty. Her attention to detail is a true reflection of her passion for jewellery design. All Carly’s leather is sourced in Italy and is hand picked by Carly herself. My favorite of these being a neon lime, a tarnished gold/silver combo and a stingray cuff with skull finishes. The metals are gold, rose gold and sterling silver plated, again the careful consideration of pairing the correct combination of metal color and leather color is spot on.

The pieces are understated but that’s what makes them stand out.

Carly has been designing jewellery for 5 years and label been producing under her label for 3. Carly too has been successful in the US market recently being picked up by Fred Segal. The collections are based on seasonal inspiration, her use of nudes, dusty pinks and duck egg blues make them forever pieces that you will treasure.

Carly recently collaborated with the team at sportsgirl to deliver a successful collection that was sold throughout sportsgirl stores. This collection has a touch of luxury with a raw edge. I adore the hardware on these pieces, the buckles, clasps and pendants combine perfectly with the Italian leathers for a high end finish. Again Carly was a delight a very pleasant, passionate lil lady so check her out at

My day was finished off with a bang attending the Camilla show and WOW what a show…not a disappointment with a stunning and colorful collection, a mammoth runway show with over 40 models, the inspiration for this collection was apparent.

The Gypset collection was inspired by the ” wild and unconventional gypsey and the speed and sophistication of the jet setter “. Camilla has always noted travel as her ultimate muse and never has it been more apparent than in this collection.

Influences from every far corner of the world were subtly felt throughout. Gypset showcased over 35 prints at its core, there was a definite 70’s influence in some pieces with big bold prints and a touch of Geisha in the shapes and drapes.

Camilla has poured into this mixing pot leopard print, bold blues, strong citrus, neon tones, popping prints and maximum movement and produced this fantastic extravaganza that celebrates all things colourful.

The branching out into ready to wear see’s more available in this collection than ever, offering the ever popular kaftan but also jumpsuits, maxi dresses and tops with detailing of all that glitters and shines.

There is something in this huge collection for everyone for every occasion if you want to be noticed. This season Camilla has again offered an option of matching ( or not ) foot wear ( I love a combo of prints ) but also swimwear.

To me I would describe this collection as Woodstock high on a strong dose of glamour!!!!!

Dazzling Thigh high splits, deep necklines, defined shapes and the ever present touch of vibrancy make this collection every girls psychadelic dream….

check her out

And last but not least some street style folks from Day one enjoy xo


Brighten up your man’s black suit

Today whilst reviewing my gazillion fashion updates I came across these little numbers…


Uncle Dan shoes by Rachel Comey


How unbelievably fashionable, I love love love them and am hoping to see them on the feet of some very cool Sydney men this winter…

Available on line now at


Fashion week warm up

OK folks, I’m limbering up, stretching it out, training like a trojan getting fighting fit for the big event Sydney’s MBFW 2012.

Invites are in, appointments have been made, schedule printed, research has been done, excitement levels are rising and I’m ready to go, well kind of….. still deciding on my looks for the week, many scenarios are being considered, will it rain ? Won’t it rain ? Will it be warm ? Will it be cold ? Will I get caught out in a street style shoot getting it horribly wrong!!!!!!! Oh the pressure for style mumma is mounting, many many rails of looks are presenting themselves in my front room accompanied by appropriate footwear, accessories and bags….Image

Example of The many Racks presenting themselves….

I have called an impromptu fashion show for Sunday afternoon where I will showcase my looks and accept constructive feedback graciously….or at least I will attempt to. ( I apologise in advance to my lovely attendees…You know who you are )

I have decided to make the many fashion savvy attendees of New York Fashion week 2012 my muses….so take a look where we might be going with this thing


So watch this space sistas….