Newtown Hotel, What a transformation !!

So last night, thanks to a dear friend, I had the pleasure of attending the unofficial opening / family & Friends evening at the fabulously refurbished NEWTOWN HOTEL…

How great is this place, its a bit of a sensory over load on arrival – In a good way, there are so many cool things to look at !!! Where do I start, the Pinball Machines, the Leopard print pool table…No wait the Neon signs, the kissing booth….The caravan room with pole – CAN you imagine !!!! Or the Michael Jackson  Giant silver mirrored glove that effortlessly hovers over the DJ booth…

So after being so excited, we finally sat down for our meal, tapas style so we could all taste everything the breads, dips, olives, lamb, beans etc were AMAZEBALLS!

These guys have left no stone unturned, tuna tins to dispose of your olive stones, local faces covering the walls of the bar that they asked locals to send in ( how clever ), the fantastic theatre room showing only John Travolta and Tom Cruise movies for now – crowd pleaser, and the impressive cocktail list that is all related to either local people or stories, fantastic Spot.

And if that’s not enough they have my favourites, Arrested Development gigging there shortly – Winner Go and take a look its stylish, fun, quirky and cool. Check them out for all the details at

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