Final Day, Day 5 – MBFW 2012

So again never a dull moment, kids packed off to school, drop the car home, run for the bus and back to The Tent for the ever exciting Raffles show…This year showcasing talents from around us, our neighbours in Asia.

First Up was Winson Tan of Malaysia – LOVE LOVE LOVE, stunning head pieces accompanied this collection that was bright and feminine…

Next was Crystal Tsoi of Hong Kong, this collection was soft and flowing with lots of movement again very beautiful

following Crystal was the very tailored collection of Ayaka Ichikawa of Japan. This collection was mainly basic in colour but the shapes and lines gives it edge….

Followed finally but certainly not leastly by Gabriel Lee of Korea WOW – This was the stand out for me look below to see why… The best intro ever and this I’ve just been in the Hampton’s playing tennis feel to it !!

From here back up to the Shangri La for my appointment with Sylvie Markovina, jewellery designer. This collection is amazing, named Twin Oracle, its abstract, raw and organic.

Sylvie works out of her studio in Glebe has been designing her own collection for 2 years now and prior to this has worked on Kirrilly Johnson’s for 6. They are all locally produced and she sources all materials here in Australia. My favorite would have been the natural clusters of Pyrite crystals, enjoy the sneak peek…

check out her web site for more details

Last stop to meet the lovely Katrina representing Tovah, this collection is fantastic, I adore their current season check that out at but the glimpse that I got for summer 2013 was fabulous.

Tovah is inspired by Architecture, this collection has great digital prints by Holga Lipman, pastels, color blocking, sports pieces and cut outs is fun and flirty I loved it !

well that wraps it up from me for another year but watch this space for another take on the designs of fashion week 2012…..


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