Day 4-MBFW 2012

Well after a disastrous start to the morning, yet another vet bill and many tears, I was off and running again…literally…running down to collect my ticket for the innovators show ( just a little bit excited about this one ) then back up to the shangri la for some more viewings which is always fun.

First off the rank was Coco Ribbon ( who very kindly squeezed me in, thanks Sarah), I was able to see some delightful little numbers. First was the stunning collection of Georgia Osborne, this is Georgia’s 1st collection and if this one is anything to go by it will be the first of many.

The color palette was basic, blue, white black and tan, but details are what makes this collection and they are a stand out, hand beading, designer prints, french lace and luscious fabrics add that little something special.

Georgia designs and makes her collection in Australia and I would suggest a sure one to watch, below were some of my favorites they will be available for order within the month….


From here I was shown accessories ( and I do like an accessory or 300 ) Sarah showed me the new bag designs by OHARA which were classic but beautiful and very practical with a padded inside sleeve that will allow you to carry your Ipad with care and without needing to carry the extra….I love two in one ideas it was clever and I would say to be in demand.

Then onto designs by Louise Farnay….Now these I adored ! these bags have zipper sections that can be added or taken away to change the size and shape of your clutch so it literally can go from a wallet to a full size clutch in just a few zips! great colors and designs this is on my to get list

From here I had a look at Santos wish, the stunning Saint bracelets which I know you all have seen, but also the pieces they have designed for fashion week, necklaces with interchangeable charms etc ( again Love )

So again thanks to my lovely host Sarah for taking the time to show me around.

I had also the pleasure of viewing the latest from Mrs Press and meeting the very friendly lady herself, the fabrics are delicate, designs are feminine and flattering and just that little bit flirty, check out my favorites below..

And then on to my next viewing with the delightful Ivana of Ivana & Katerina swim wear. She showed me their Empress collection which was amazing, bright colors, stripes, paneling and cuts to flatter the fullest figures, I wanted to take one home. The collection pays homage to the strong and powerful woman within, so you should be strong and powerful… and buy one, mine is the hot pink number…in my head that is! – check the ladies out you wont be disappointed.

So again the is a to be continued, we are on day 4 people, the fatigue has kicked in, must get some sleep so enjoy browsing and I will bring you the runway by morning…Just as a heads up you’re in for a massive treat!


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