MBFW – Day 3 meetings with the HK Designers

Today has been eagerly anticipated, I am to meet 3 emerging labels from Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong designers so am super keen to see what they’ve got….

My first meeting was with the lovely Harrison Wong. Harrison has been designing for over 18 years, he has had his own label for 10 now and still gives design direction to teams in some of Hong Kong and China’s large design houses….

Harrison designs limited edition lines for women that he has previously showcased in Paris, Milan and New York. The collection I had the pleasure of viewing today was his menswear line and was the spring / summer 2013 “Red Guards”.

I loved the use of the basic colors red, black, khaki and white, combined with sharp lines and interesting shapes, this collection is not for the faint hearted but the fashion forward individual.

The story has a clear military influence, it is edgy and chic. The collection is cohesive and offers many option to layer and combine pieces.

The collection is beautifully made with hand detailing apparent, tailoring is immaculate and the use of quality fabric has delivered a fun and exciting line.

I was left wanting to see more and look forward to seeing what Harrison continues to deliver….See below my favorite pieces of the collection.

you can see more at http://www.harrisonwong.com

My second appointment for the day was with Miss Hei Lau. Hei has been designing since 2009, this season has seen her deliver her 6th collection.

The collection is luxurious, practical, tactile and fun. Hei pays great attention to which fabrics prints and shapes she uses throughout her design and is careful to deliver a line that respects the female form.

She uses silk, leather, fur and lace to give her pieces that little finishing touch that everyone will notice. In this collection she has used Fitch which presents in its natural form with no coloring, she was careful in explaining that it is however placed very carefully on the garment so as to be pleasing to the eye. Celine have also been using this product in their current lines.

These designs are ever lasting with a few trend pieces or colors, they are well made and it is obvious throughout that quality is paramount.

Hei sources from around the world to deliver interesting patters and fabrics. Some of the prints in the collection were sourced in India, lace from Paris and silk locally in Hong Kong. Hei also uses a patent product stretch rabbit fur to offer more movement and comfort in her final garments.

The colors are subtle and beautiful all designed and dyed by Hei, she recently featured in Hong Kong’s ELLE Magazine and is certainly a designer to be watched, see below some of my favorites….

find more on Hei Lau at http://www.heilau.com


And from the runway

Images from fashionising.com

more designer details to follow…..


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