MBFW 2012 – Day 3 continued….

ok so my last designer I met with today was the lovely Chailie Ho. Chailie was an absolute delight and very willing to spend time to give me insight into her brand and all that it represents…

Chailie was a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London, she graduated in 2007 in design and went on to further study innovative pattern cutting.

Her spring / summer 2013 collection is a fine example of what her designs on the whole which is feminine independence, each collection she tries to draw inspiration from situations a woman may face in her life and she tries to express the tenderness of a woman in her designs.

Chailie uses her talents in water-color painting to bring to life her designs and in this collection combined techniques used in the chinese culture with those used in the western culture. The marring of the two has delivered spectacular prints that are not so obvious on first sight but the longer you look the more you see which is the intention.

This collection was influenced by a traditional chinese story that dates back more than 2000 years, named “Chang – O” ( a very interesting tale you should google it ) but essentially the story is about a woman who gave to much to be with her husband and in doing so put further distance between them.

This is the story behind the chinese Moon Festival and is a celebration of women understanding that in giving too much they can often neglect or lose themselves.

The collection is whimsical, soft flowing and feminine always giving careful consideration to the female form and what makes it look its best. The designs offer many options within themselves and allows for changes to be made within the garment.

Chailie has a wonderful imagination and way of interpreting a story through her designs, it was a pleasure chatting with her and seeing where these stunning designs come from…. See below just some of the lovely collection…

see more from Chailie at http://www.chailieho.com

and just to top my day off I received these glorious lil numbers from Grandma Funk which I am in big love with…Thank Grandma Funk

These little goodies and so much more can be found on their face book site “Grandma Funk” enjoy x


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