Fashion week warm up

OK folks, I’m limbering up, stretching it out, training like a trojan getting fighting fit for the big event Sydney’s MBFW 2012.

Invites are in, appointments have been made, schedule printed, research has been done, excitement levels are rising and I’m ready to go, well kind of….. still deciding on my looks for the week, many scenarios are being considered, will it rain ? Won’t it rain ? Will it be warm ? Will it be cold ? Will I get caught out in a street style shoot getting it horribly wrong!!!!!!! Oh the pressure for style mumma is mounting, many many rails of looks are presenting themselves in my front room accompanied by appropriate footwear, accessories and bags….Image

Example of The many Racks presenting themselves….

I have called an impromptu fashion show for Sunday afternoon where I will showcase my looks and accept constructive feedback graciously….or at least I will attempt to. ( I apologise in advance to my lovely attendees…You know who you are )

I have decided to make the many fashion savvy attendees of New York Fashion week 2012 my muses….so take a look where we might be going with this thing


So watch this space sistas….


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